Friday, 26 June 2015

run, run and run!

I just realised I can blog using the blogger app LOL. and I still thought blogging consistently was tough. don't know how I did it last time.

just came back from a run (after 2 loooooong months) and it felt really good!!! I could feel all my fats crying (sweat) and toxins flushed away hahaha. this is a really random post and here are strings of pictures of what have I been doing the past weeks....

SEA Games! Feng Tian Wei FTW!!!!! (geddit?)

went for ignite camp (painfully doing my assignments while everyone else was playing btw)

we ate Shabu Sai. (38 plates of meat for 4 girls)

USS was the bomb!!!!!

visited my grandpops 😍

Pastors gave me the most amazing Father's Day gift and letter 😭

went to NDC for Seetoh's grad show and saw some nice works!!

Isabel and Daniel brought us out for Father's Day dinner

that roughly is about it. love my life!! :) love the people in my life even more!

love God, love people, love life :)

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